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We help clients protect their privacy, limit liabilities, and keep secrets secret.

Our extensive experience in surveillance and electronic countermeasures make us the preferred provider for TSCM services in the Seattle-Bellevue-Redmond-Kirkland area.


What is TSCM?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) – commonly known as bug sweeping – is a counterespionage discipline practiced by all branches of government and most large companies. TSCM is concerned with:

  • Discovering vulnerabilities in off-network IT systems,
  • Detecting eavesdropping threats,
  • Preventing data leaks via unconventional methods, and
  • Ensuring work environments are secure for sensitive meetings, projects, and research.


Why is TSCM necessary?

Information and privacy threats take the path of least resistance. While more organizations are waking up to the reality of cyber security risks, many more remain exposed to common eavesdropping threats. Only by having robust physical, cyber, and TSCM practices in place can organizations achieve a true defense-in-depth security strategy.


When does TSCM make sense?

  • Before board, audit committee, compensation, or important client meetings
  • On a regular (quarterly or bi-annual) basis for due diligence
  • After allowing contractors access to sensitive work areas
  • When involved in or potentially involved in litigation
  • When there is evidence of information leaks


What types of information do we protect?

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Litigation information
  • Vendor information
  • Personal privacy
  • Strategic plans
  • R&D
  • M&A


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