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Corporate & residential bug sweeps

Our bug sweeps will detect most types of electronic eavesdropping devices, including analog and digital transmitters, miniature recording devices, spy cameras, phone taps (analog, digital, and VoIP), and Wi-Fi devices. As a full-time, Seattle-area TSCM company, our familiarity with the RF environment in the Seattle metro area allows us to quickly distinguish benign signals from hostile ones. 

Note: Telephone monitoring done by the service provider cannot be electronically detected. 

Tracking device detection

Vehicle tracking devices (e.g., GPS trackers) are used by fleet managers, employers, private investigators, stalkers, and spouses to track an individual's location or pattern of movement. These devices are potentially hazardous from both a legal and physical security perspective. We have the expertise and equipment to reliably detect all types of vehicle tracking devices including analog beacon, non-transmitting GPS receivers, and GPS/cellular-band transmitters.

Some advanced bugs are remote-activated and are therefore more difficult to detect than constant-on or voice-activated devices. Additionally, transmitters or "wires" may be brought into a room by an attendee or a staff member after the room has been swept. As a countermeasure to this threat, we offer low-profile, real-time RF monitoring services during meetings and other sensitive events and will discreetly alert the client if a hostile signal is detected.

Real-time RF monitoring


Equipment & Installation

Sweeps are useful for ensuring that an area is free of electronic eavesdropping activity, but sometimes active countermeasures are necessary to provide a defeat & detection capability after the sweep occurs. We sell and installation acoustic leakage masking systems, wire jamming systems, and remote RF spectrum surveillance monitoring. Contact us to learn more.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Threat and vulnerability assessments utilize an adversary-based "red team" approach to determine your overall threat profile. Your industry, geographic location, political climate, security policies and practices, facility design, physical security system, information security measures, and other factors are assessed to identify likely threat vectors and gaps in your security posture. The accompanying report includes our findings, supporting evidence, and business-aligned security recommendations.

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