Q. how much does a sweep cost?

A. Fees are assessed on a project-basis. Once we know your requirement we will provide you with a quote.


Q. How do you accept payment?

A. We accept cashier's checks, money orders, ACH transfers, and cash payment.


Q. can our IT, cyber security, or physical security team do our sweeps?

A. Probably not. Most IT, cyber security, and physical security teams lack the expertise, experience, training, equipment, and awareness to conduct a TCSM inspection to a legally defensible standard. TSCM requires knowledge of RF theory, telephony, facility design and construction, offensive tradecraft, and device capabilities and limitations. This knowledge is likely beyond the scope of most internal security assets.


Q. do you accept private individual (non-corporate) clients?

A. Yes. Indeed, a number of our sweeps are done for individual clients. In order to provide the best level of service, it helps if we have some idea regarding the background of the problem. As with our corporate clients, your information will be kept absolutely private.


Q. How long does a sweep take?

A. The answer of course depends upon the size and complexity of the room, but for regular sized offices or board rooms we strive to keep our sweeps to less than four hours to avoid operator fatigue and cause minimal disruption to our clients' schedules. Vehicle sweeps typically take around four hours.


Q. How often to you find bugs?

A. Fortunately, offensive technical surveillance cannot be confirmed in most cases. Unfortunately, we almost always discover vulnerabilities in technology, practices, or policies that could easily be exploited and result in information or privacy loss. Rather than inflate the threat, our philosophy is to focus on detecting actual threats and educating clients on how to prevent leaks.


Q. Are there any types of eavesdropping threats that you cannot detect?

A. Yes. We cannot detect telephone monitoring done by the carrier at their facilities, wire taps located off premises, and malware installed on smart phones. If malware is your concern, we recommend buying a new smart phone and to operate under the assumption that your smart phone is infected. The reason we do not offer this service is because it is cheaper for customers to buy a new smart phone than to pay for a forensic inspection.


Q. What equipment do we use?

A.  Because no manufacturer makes all the equipment needed to conduct a thorough TSCM sweep, we use equipment from a variety of manufacturers including REI, Kestrel, Signal Hound, Selcom, Flir, Fluke, Aim TTi, Icom, etc.  


Q. Is it legal to import tscm equipment into country x?

A. It depends. Some countries pose strict restrictions on the importation of counter-surveillance equipment, while others have none or do not enforce them.